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Pakistan: New amendment into Election Act 2017 could reclassify scores of Sunnis to Ahmadiyyas

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In order to promote true democratic culture, we need to focus on democratic values where our representatives should be judged more by their competency as lawmakers and by their moral and financial integrity than their religious outlook.

Times of Ahmad | News Watch | Int'l Desk
Source/Credit: The Express Tribune
By Editorial | November 20, 2017

Let’s not open the floodgates

Members of parliament have introduced a third amendment into the Elections Act 2017 that was adopted last month. The fresh clause – simply known by the moniker 48-A – borrows a bit too heavily from clause 7B and 7C of the Conduct of General Elections Order, 2002 and finds itself inserted into the election law. Under the newly adopted law, if any citizen files an application against any voter that he is not a Muslim, the relevant officer in charge of the electoral rolls of that area would send a notice to the person against whom objection has been raised. The accused would be required to appear before the revising authority or ECP official within 15 days and sign a declaration regarding his/her belief about the absolute and unqualified finality of the Prophethood of Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Vatican City: Pope Francis marks World Day of the Poor

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'All too often, we have the idea that we haven't done anything wrong, and so we rest content, presuming that we are good and just... But to do no wrong is not enough.'

Times of Ahmad | News Watch | Int'l Desk
Source/Credit: Sky News - AU
By DPA | November 20, 2017

Vatican City Helping the destitute is the 'passport to paradise' for Christians, the Pope says, as he led mass for thousands of poor people in St Peter's Basilica.

Pope Francis celebrated the World Day of the Poor on Sunday with some 6,000-7,000 poor people from all over Europe.

They were taken to the Vatican by Catholic charities.

'(The poor) are the ones who open to us the way to heaven; they are our passport to paradise. For us it is an evangelical duty to care for them,' he said in a homily.

Australia: Canberra Peace Symposium 2017 – “World Crisis and Pathway to Peace”

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Sharing is caring, so let everyone come and bring their own religious perspectives on how we can achieve peace. Having people from different faiths, colours, cultures and backgrounds sitting under one roof is a sign of love, respect and harmony. 

Times of Ahmad | News Watch | AU Desk
Source/Credit: AMJ Australia
By Press Release | November 19, 2017

This symposium is the key annual event of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Canberra being held this time at the picturesque and peaceful location of Greenhills Centre Stromlo on Sunday 10th December 2017 at 2:30pm.

The event promotes a deeper understanding between people of all faiths and people who don’t subscribe to any faith and seeks to inspire a concerted effort for lasting peace.

The event is expected to attract more than 100 guests including leading politicians, diplomats, academics, religious and secular leaders and members of the public and community.

Pakistan: Hate preacher 'Dr' Aamir Liaquat quits Bol TV citing monetary dispute

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Earlier this year, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority's (Pemra) had slapped a ban on Bol TV's 'Aisay Nahi Chahlay Ga' programme, after Liaquat levelled allegations of blasphemy against 'disappeared' civil society activists and bloggers during the show.

Times of Ahmad | News Watch | UK Desk
By Web Desk | November 18, 2017

Televangelist and talk show host Aamir Liaquat on Saturday resigned from Bol TV saying the channel owed him money.

The TV talk show host, who had earlier also 'resigned' during a live programme, this time took to Twitter to announce his resignation from Bol TV.

“The journey has come to an end and not a friendly end. Now I am not part of #BOL. They owe me my dues,” Liaquat tweeted.

The Bol Network was quick to respond to Liaquat’s announcement, calling it a “thoroughly unprofessional practice”.

In a statement it said, “Bol and its management had received no prior notice or intimation in this regard from Dr Aamir Liaquat’s side.”

Egypt: 1,000-strong Sunni Muslim Mob Attacks Coptic Church in Mina

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In the week leading up to the church re-opening, flyers were posted across the area with taunting messages apparently written by Coptic leaders.

Times of Ahmad | News Watch | Int'l Desk
Source/Credit: Sunday Express
By Joey Millar | November 18, 2017

More than 1,000 people gathered outside a recently-renovated Coptic church in Mina, Egypt, to intimidate and threaten those inside.

Police were called on October 26 and the doors of the Saint George Church, as well as the on-site children's nursery, was bolted shut for defence.

Despite the aggression of the crowd, it was the Copts who were held responsible for the incident.

The heads of the Coptic congregation in the area were forced into attending a peace meeting, which aimed to stop the conflict between the group and the local Muslim community.

A source close to the church said: "Copts had to agree to the reconciliation that will be held this evening in the village hall. A written agreement was presented that indicated a framework of friendliness, love and brotherhood.

Pakistan: Government postpones action against Islamist protesters after 'final' deadline passes

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Hundreds of supporters of a religious party have been blocking the route for nearly 10 days, demanding minister of law be sacked for what they say committing a blasphemy.

Photo: Asad Hashim
Times of Ahmad | News Watch | Int'l Desk
Source/Credit: TRT World
By Web Desk | November 18, 2017

Pakistan's government on Saturday postponed by 24 hours an action by security forces against protesters who have been blocking a route into the capital for nearly 10 days.

According to local media outlet, the orders to allow the protesters more time to disperse came from Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal shortly after security personnel reached the blocked road in Faizabad area.

The orders to delay the operation followed a dialogue between authorities and protesters, it said.

 The government has decided to hold another round of talks with leaders of the protesters later today, added.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Vatican City: Pope Francis calls out 'growing inequality in healthcare' in rich countries

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Francis did not mention any countries. Healthcare is a big issue in the United States, where President Donald Trump has vowed to get rid of the Affordable Care Act

Times of Ahmad | News Watch | Int'l Desk
Source/Credit: Business Insider
By Reuters | November 17, 2017

Pope Francis condemned on Thursday inequality in healthcare, particularly in rich countries, saying governments had a duty to ensure the common good for all its citizens.

"Increasingly sophisticated and costly treatments are available to ever more limited and privileged segments of the population," Francis said in an address to a conference of European members of the World Medical Association.

"This raises questions about the sustainability of healthcare delivery and about what might be called a systemic tendency toward growing inequality in healthcare," he said.

The tendency was clearly apparent when you compared healthcare cover between countries and continents, the pope said, adding that it was also visible within more wealthy countries, "where access to healthcare risks being more dependent on individuals' economic resources than on their actual need for treatment."

USA: Black men sentenced to more time for committing the exact same crime as a white person, study finds

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These disparities were observed “after controlling for a wide variety of sentencing factors,” including age, education, citizenship, weapon possession and prior criminal history.

Times of Ahmad | News Watch | US Desk
Source/Credit: The Washington Post
By Christopher Ingraham | November 16, 2017

Recent research shows that black men who commit the same crimes as white men receive sentences nearly 20 percent longer.

The United States has the world's largest prison population. There are approximately 666 inmates per 100,000 people.

Black men who commit the same crimes as white men receive federal prison sentences that are, on average, nearly 20 percent longer, according to a new report on sentencing disparities from the United States Sentencing Commission (USSC).

These disparities were observed “after controlling for a wide variety of sentencing factors,” including age, education, citizenship, weapon possession and prior criminal history.

The black/white sentencing disparities have been increasing in recent years, the report found, particularly following the Supreme Court's decision in United States v. Booker in 2005. [more ...]

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